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To have a sustainable, efficient, safe and internationally comparable quality of road infrastructure in general and National Highways infrastructure in particular to achieve enhanced connectivity, quick mobility to a level which acceleratessocio-economic development,


  • Development of National Highways (NHs)Network in the country into a road network of international standards for uninterrupted flow of traffic with enhanced safety features.
  • Enhanced connectivity for remote far flung and isolated areas, including North-East Region(NER),Left Wing Extremism (LWE)affected areas including Tribal areas.
  • Evolving policies for efficient and safe transportation through the Road Network and facilitating their implementation.
  • Establish arrangements for review of Road Transport requirements keeping in view the long term perspective.
  • Evolve regulations for safer, fuel efficient and cleaner automobiles in alignment with international standards.
  • Improving road safety scenario in the country especially on National Highways.
  • Promoting ITfor facilitating online servicesto the stakeholders
  • Strengthening public transport system.