Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
क्रमांक State Subject Issue Date
81 Maharashtra Proposal of permission to lnstallation Overhead Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) on existing MSEDCL Pole or erecting new Poles along Murtijapur - Karanja Road section of NH-361-C from Km, 9/900 to Km, 14/600, (Total Length:4.724 Km,) in the state of Maharashtra (362.81 Kb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
82 Gujarat Permission for laying of OFC cable along/across NH-56 between km 579/00 to 636/00 in the state of Gujarat (1.67 Mb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
83 Telangana Proposals for permission for laying of OFC by M/s Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation limited along NH353C in Sironcha Atmakur Section from Ch. 10/720 to Ch. 91/570 for 50.62 km in the State of Telangana (1.42 Mb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
84 Madhya Pradesh Proposal for Permission for laying of water pipeline Under ADB Scheme (Package - 7B) in Chandia town in Umariya District along the roads from Ch. 42.60 km ( Jogiya tiraha) to Ch. 45.250 km (Chandiya Bypass) (total length 2.65 km) & 1 crossing at Ch.45.250 km in MPRDC road on OLD NH-78 for Katni-Umaria Section in the State of Madhya Pradesh (361.71 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
85 Rajasthan Permission for laying of 800 mm BWSC along National Highway 325 at the Ch.27/700 to 28/950 and 36/500 to 45/100 and crossing of pipe line 800mm BWSC at Ch. in the state of Rajasthan (615.40 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
86 Odisha Permission for laying of 2 no. water pipeline (underground) across National Highway-53 at km 316/600 near Talcher Degree College for NTPC/Talcher Thermal Power Station in the state of Odisha (1.57 Mb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
87 Madhya Pradesh Permission to laying underground optical fiber cable by O.T/HDD at NH-26 Malthone to MP/UP Border Road from Km/s 144+600 to Km/s 135+800 (Map attached). Total Section length ROW applied for 8.80 Kms in the state of Madhya Pradesh (3.12 Mb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
88 Assam Construction of 220KV D/C Rangia Amingaon TL under NERPSIP, Assam: Proposal for National Highway Crossing Clearance. (573.97 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
89 Chhattisgarh Permission for laying optical Fiber Cable (OFC) from Km.75.314 to Km.95.818 (From Pandra Padhara Village turning to Mahmaya Temple Bypass Chowk, Ratanpur) for a length of 20.504 Km along/across of NH-45 Ext. (272.19 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
90 Haryana Four laning of Hisar to Dabwali section of NH-10 from Km. 227.000 to 314.600 in the State of Haryana (Pkg.-ll) - Regarding permission for laying of HDPE sewer pipe of 1200 mm diameter from km 251.431 to km 250.640 (LHS) (787.40 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021