Archive of Invitation of public comments for access permission for Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S.No. State Subject Issue Date
91 Telangana Proposal for Permission for laying of OFC on NH-44by M/s.Dinesh Engineers Limited along NH road from Km.447/600to Km.474/000 and road crossing at Km.447/600, Km.455/200,Km.455/800, Km.458/600, Km.460/200, Km.463/515, Km.463/550 and Km.469/900in the State of Telangana (474.36 Kb application-pdf) 01-01-2020
92 Rajasthan Permission for laying of electric cable on NH-14 from MS 190.130 to MS 192.25 (Length 1.895 Km). MS 195.593 to MS 197.476 (Length 1.883 Km) MS 193.625 to MS 194.158 (Length 0.533 Km) & MS 672.700 to MS 675.400 (Length 2.700) Total length- 7.011 Km in the state of Rajasthan Through HDD Methodology (678.62 Kb application-pdf) 06-01-2020
93 Rajasthan permission for laying two nos. of RAW Water Pipeline road crossing at MS - 57.150 of NH-90 Total length is 0.030 Km. ROW applied in the state of Rajasthan (876.69 Kb application-pdf) 10-01-2020
94 Jharkhand Grant of NOC for crossing of Overhead Transmission line over NHAI roads (NH-80) for 2X800 M/W USCTPP (268.20 Kb application-pdf) 14-01-2020
95 Madhya Pradesh Regarding Access permission for Retail Outlet/Private Properties/ laying of OFC cable etc., for the stretches entrusted to NHAI (360.37 Kb application-pdf) 14-01-2020
96 Rajasthan Permission retail outlet of M/s IOCL at Km 493/968 to 493/993 on NH-11 in Khasra no 1388/1289 at village Sri Dungargarh City Tehsil - Sri Dungargarh City District Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan (854.24 Kb application-pdf) 21-12-2019
97 Andhra Pradesh proposals involving deviations from the prescribed guidelines/norms for grant of permission to lay 4 inch Natural Gas Pipeline (1.43 Mb application-pdf) 28-01-2020
98 West Bengal Permission for laying water pipeline from km 0.00 to km 12.79 along NH-116B under WBSRDA (390.20 Kb application-pdf) 29-01-2020
99 Maharashtra permission for laying of 8" NB underground Carbon Steel Natural Gas Pipeline along with two (2) Nos. 40mm 00 HOPE OFC Duct on NH land along Tuljapur - Ausa Section of NH-361 from Km.33.820 to Km.55.835 on LHS and crossing at Km.33.820 by M/s (1.37 Mb application-pdf) 04-02-2020
100 Madhya Pradesh Proposal of permission for crossing of LILO of 220 KV Sarni Pandhurna line at 400 KV PGCIL S/s, Betul at Km.30.200 near Sasundra village on LHS to RHS on Nagpur-Saoner-Betul Section of NH-47 in the State of Maharashtra by EE, Madhya Pradesh (1.36 Mb application-pdf) 10-02-2020