Archive of Invitation of public comments for access permission for Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S.No. State Subject Issue Date
2151 Tamil Nadu permission to lay Underground Optical Fibre cable on NH-7 (Salem to Ulundurpet Section) between Km 4/030 to Km 4/400 (RHS), Km 4/300 to 4/400 (LHS), Km 76/210 to Km 76/670 (LHS) and Km 76/210 to Km 76/615 (RHS) (for a total length of 1335m) and two crossings @ Km 4/400 & Km 76/210 in the State of Tamil Nadu (838.49 Kb application-pdf) 13-11-2019
2152 Rajasthan Proposal for grant of access permission to a new retail outlet of M/s IOCPL at Km. 399.520 to Km. 399.550 of NH-11 at village - Fatehpurr in the Rajasthan (668.57 Kb application-pdf) 19-11-2019
2153 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for NOC for overhead crossing of NH-233 (New NH-28) by 220 KV DC Bhaukhari (Basti 400 KV) Dulhaipar Transmission Line at Km.85.246 near Village - Karha, Tehsil - Rudhauli & District - Basti in the State of Uttar Pradesh (366.96 Kb application-pdf) 20-11-2019
2154 Rajasthan Permission of Road crossing of NHAI at Ch. 66.800 Km. of NH-21(old NH-11) from Ludhawai toll to Mahua Sinpini in the state of Rajasthan (648.39 Kb application-pdf) 27-11-2019
2155 Tamil Nadu NHAI, Madurai Region - PIU, Dindigul - Permission for laying water supply pipeline along NH from Km 223/700 to Km 269/633 (LHS) in Kumuli-Theni section of NH-220, & from Km 80/435 to Km 82/410 (RHS) in Dindigul-Theni section of NH-45(E) and crossing at Km 246/300, Km250/600 of NH-220 & Km 80/435 of NH-45(E) in the State of Tamil Nadu (151.70 Kb application-pdf) 02-12-2019
2156 Chhattisgarh Perrnission for laying underground optical Fiber cabte from Ch.396 to Ch.362 & Ch.181 to Ch.139 , Ch.139 to Ch.123, Ch. 121.7 to ch. 91, section of NH-53 in the of Chhattisgarh (173.65 Kb application-pdf) 06-12-2019
2157 Chhattisgarh Proposal for the construction of an approach road fr slab culvert for proposed retail outlet of BPCL at Km.(497.058-497.093) abutting on RHS road section of Old NH-16 (New NH-63), Kh No: 220, 221, 222, Ph.No-09, at Village-Dimarapal, Tehsil-Tokapal, Distt-Bastar, Chhattisgarh (1.64 Mb application-pdf) 13-12-2019
2158 Maharashtra Permission to lay Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) along Nimba T Point to Dapura T Point Road on NH-548'C, Km.l'l1300 to 31/100, total section tength for ROW apptied 19.800 km. in the state of Maharashtra (312.58 Kb application-pdf) 19-12-2019
2159 Maharashtra Permission to tay 0pticat fiUre CaOte (0FC) atong Arni Naigaon Bandi Roadon NH-161 A, in the sections 1)Km.0/00 to 30/400 LHs 2) from km'17/800 to km'27/300 RHS Totat tength.39.g00 r,ms. in the state of Maharashtra (586.31 Kb application-pdf) 19-12-2019
2160 Odisha Proposal for access permission for approach roads at km 388/002 to 388/037 (RHS) on NH-16 to the proposed Retail Outlet of Shri Mitu Behera (Applicant of BPCL) at Mouza-Daleiput, Tahasil-Khordha , Dist-Khordha in the state of Odisha (1.55 Mb application-pdf) 27-12-2019