Archive of Invitation of public comments for access permission for Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S.No. State Subject Issue Date
11 Rajasthan Permission of right of way to the Garrison Engineer Military engineer services, and MOD, Laying of DI pipe 250 mm dia along with NH11 Fathepur Sikiri to Bharatpur Ms. 60.550 to 60.780 in the state of Rajasthan (117.11 Kb application-pdf) 12-04-2018
12 Rajasthan OFC from Ms. 255.750 tower to Ms. 264.300 total length 8550m in the State of Rajasthan (463.92 Kb application-pdf) 02-05-2019
13 Odisha Proposal for grant of permission for laying of DI Pipe line across NH-57 for gravity pumping main of bulk water supply project for IIT, Bhubaneswar (150.55 Kb application-pdf) 17-01-2018
14 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for laying optical fiber cable at NH-58 from Sukher Police Station Udaipur (Lat 24.6412 Long 73.71512) to Nathdwara Sukhadia Nagar Road (Lat 24.917427 Long 73.823898) Total-36000 Mtr (as per enclosed SLD) (4.13 Mb application-pdf) 28-03-2019
15 Andhra Pradesh Permission for laying of 48F of Optical Fiber Cable by M/s. BSNL between Kurnool to Nandyal Section of NH-18 (New NH-40) from Km.7/400 to Km.54/000 (Old Km.302.502 to Km.349.102) including 4 crossings, for a total length of 46.840 Kms. ​in the State of An (3.87 Mb application-pdf) 13-02-2019
16 Rajasthan Permission for Laying of optical fiber cable from MS 82.000 to MS. 85.00 (Kavita bypass to Thoor) length is 3.00 km of NH-32 ROW applied in the State of Rajasthan (436.24 Kb application-pdf) 30-04-2019
17 Tamil Nadu OFC along the NH from Km 28/100 – Km 49/200 (LHS) and across road at Km 33/800, Km 42/500, Km 44/650, & Km 49/000 (Madurai - Kanyakumari section) of NH-7 from M/s Vindhya Tele Ltd, Chennai (702.93 Kb application-pdf) 27-02-2019
18 Uttarakhand Permission for Laying of Optical Fiber Cable from kms. 156.00 (Shimla Bypass) to kms. 165.140 (Miyawala Chowk, Harrawala) along nH-72 & NH-72A with total section length of ROW is 9.14 kms in State of Uttarakhand (1.53 Mb application-pdf) 04-12-2018
19 Assam Laying of Optical Fiber Cable from kms 36.00 to kms. 65.00 along NH-87 (New NH-109) with total section length of ROW is 29.000 kms in State of Uttarakhand - Permission Reg (594.91 Kb application-pdf) 28-12-2018
20 Odisha Permission for laying of pipeline along NH-53 & NH-55 in Sambalpur Municipal Corporation in connection with the project Development of water Supply Infrastructure in Baripada, Sambalpur, Rourkela & Jharsuguda under UIDSSMT / AMRUT (1.11 Mb application-pdf) 12-02-2018