E.g., 09/19/2021
E.g., 09/19/2021
Gazette Notifications related to Motor Vehicle Legislation
S. No. Notification No. / Subject Status Date
101 G.S.R 1229(E) regarding Braking requirement and electronic stability control (267.17 Kb application-pdf) Final 24-12-2018
102 G.S.R. 1225(E) regarding seat dimensions, lamps for three wheelers and reverse parking system for M & N Category vehicles (312.61 Kb application-pdf) Final 20-12-2018
103 G.S.R. 1192(E) regarding Light and Signalling Device (378.35 Kb application-pdf) Final 11-12-2018
104 S.O 6108 (E) regarding Amendment in S.O.1365(E) dated 13.12.2004 (334.20 Kb application-pdf) Final 11-12-2018
105 S.O. 6052(E) regarding High Security Registration Plates (Order), 2018 (470.95 Kb application-pdf) Final 06-12-2018
106 G.S.R. 1162(E) regarding High Security Registration Plate (470.95 Kb application-pdf) Final 04-12-2018
107 G.S.R. 1151(E) regarding emission norms for duel fuel engine (558.27 Kb application-pdf) Final 29-11-2018
108 S.O. 5800 (E) regarding Quadricycle for personal use (279.51 Kb application-pdf) Final 20-11-2018
109 G.S.R. 1081(E) regarding amendment in rule 90 of the CMVR, 1989- (additional condition for national Permit), fitness periodicity of two years, mandating FASTag etc. (266.23 Kb application-pdf) Final 02-11-2018
110 G.S.R. 1073(E) regarding common format for the Driving License and Registration certificate (1.82 Mb application-pdf) Draft 30-10-2018
111 S.O. 5453(E) regarding Motor Vehicles (Vehicle Location Tracking Device and Emergency Button) Order, 2018 (453.80 Kb application-pdf) Final 25-10-2018
112 S.O. 5454 (E) regarding Timelines for implementation of fitment of Vehicle Location Tracking Device and panic Buttons (294.23 Kb application-pdf) Final 25-10-2018
113 S.O. 5333(E) regarding exemption to Battery Operated Transport Vehicles and Transport Vehicles running on Ethanol and Methanol fuels from requirement of permits (267.59 Kb application-pdf) Final 18-10-2018
114 G.S.R. 1038(E) regarding Movement of Bangladesh registered LPG trucks in Indian Territory for supply of bulk LPG to LPG Bottling Plant at Bishalgarh, Tripura (1.58 Mb application-pdf) Final 17-10-2018
115 G.S.R. 931(E) regarding Special requirements for transportation of Livestock (1.60 Mb application-pdf) Draft 27-09-2018
116 G.S.R. 873(E) regarding for National Tourist Permit (1.78 Mb application-pdf) Draft 12-09-2018
117 G.S.R 748(E) regarding Retrofitment of Hybrid Electric Kit or Electric System (1.72 Mb application-pdf) Final 07-08-2018
118 G.S.R 749(E) regarding Background colour of registration plates for Electric vehicles (1.79 Mb application-pdf) Final 07-08-2018
119 S.O. 3881 (E) regarding Safe Axle Weight (1.63 Mb application-pdf) Final 06-08-2018
120 G.S.R. 750(E) regarding exemption to Bangladesh LPG Bullets /trucks for transportation of LPG from Bangladesh to Indian Oil Bishalgarh plant in Tripura (1.73 Mb application-pdf) Final 03-08-2018
121 For bringing Protective Helmets for two wheelers rider under compulsory certification under Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 (1.56 Mb application-pdf) Draft 02-08-2018
122 G.S.R. 709 (E) regarding Livestock Carrier (1.66 Mb application-pdf) Final 24-07-2018
123 G.S.R. 643 (E) regarding NP, FASTag, fitness certificate etc (1.75 Mb application-pdf) Final 12-07-2018
124 G.S.R. 527(E) regarding linkage of PUC data with VAHAN database (1.73 Mb application-pdf) Final 06-06-2018
125 G.S.R. 518 (E) (1.78 Mb application-pdf) Final 01-06-2018