E.g., 22-09-2021
E.g., 22-09-2021
Circulars / Notifications related to Road Transport
(Notifications include O.M.s, Circulars, Office Orders, Advisories, etc.)
S. No. Subject Date
51 Advisory regarding Power to exempt certain category of vehicles from fitment of Speed Governor. Letter dated 21.12.2017 (397.06 Kb application-pdf) 21-12-2017
52 Report of the Committee of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to Propose Taxi Policy Guideline to Promote Urban Mobility (747.88 Kb application-pdf) 15-12-2017
53 Action against unauthorised fitment of Crash Guard / Bult Bar on the Motor Vehicles, letter dated 7.12.2017 (430.27 Kb application-pdf) 07-12-2017
54 Minutes of the 38th Transport development Committee (TDC) meeting held on 10.09.2017 at vadodara, Gujarat (1.85 Mb application-pdf) 14-11-2017
55 Inviting Suggestions for Review of Road Transport Corporation Act 1950 (61.78 Kb application-pdf) 10-10-2017
56 Legislative arrangement related to 38th Meeting of TDC on 19th Sept, 2017 at Vadodra, Gujarat (771.29 Kb application-pdf) 19-09-2017
57 38th Meeting of the Transport Development Council to be held on 11th September, 2017 at Vadodara, Gujarat (3.50 Mb application-pdf) 11-09-2017
58 Guidelines for issuing no objection in permitting for use of MoRTH logo for organising seminar / convention / awards, etc. by any Government / Private organisations, OM dated 7.9.2017 (641.92 Kb application-pdf) 07-09-2017
59 38th Meeting of the Transport Development Council to be held at Vadodara, Gujarat, circular dated 04.9.2017 (659.14 Kb application-pdf) 04-09-2017
60 Notification regarding constitution of Group of Ministers for public transportation in hilly areas, dated 8.7.2016 (719.21 Kb application-pdf) 08-07-2017