E.g., 08-03-2021
E.g., 08-03-2021
Circulars / Notifications related to Road Transport
(Notifications include O.M.s, Circulars, Office Orders, Advisories, etc.)
S. No. Subject Date
41 Draft Amendment No. 8 regarding Part XIX - Details of Standards for Tailpipe Emissions from Petrol, CNG, LPG and Diesel Engined (2.81 Mb application-pdf) 29-05-2018
42 Draft Amendment No. 7 regarding Administrative and Technical procedure for measurement and monitoring (average) Fuel Consumption (407.33 Kb application-pdf) 29-05-2018
43 Advisory regarding Compliance of judgement of Honourable Supreme Court for issue of driving licence for light motor vehicle (1.03 Mb application-pdf) 16-04-2018
44 Notification regarding amendment in CMVR 1989 for High Security Registration Plate (8.17 Mb application-pdf) 13-04-2018
45 Scheme of Setting of Inspection & Certification (I&C) Centre during 2017-18 to 2019-20 (1.27 Mb application-pdf) 11-04-2018
46 Advisory regarding Power to exempt certain category of vehicles from fitment of Speed Governor. Letter dated 21.12.2017 (397.06 Kb application-pdf) 21-12-2017
47 Report of the Committee of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to Propose Taxi Policy Guideline to Promote Urban Mobility (747.88 Kb application-pdf) 15-12-2017
48 Action against unauthorised fitment of Crash Guard / Bult Bar on the Motor Vehicles, letter dated 7.12.2017 (430.27 Kb application-pdf) 07-12-2017
49 Minutes of the 38th Transport development Committee (TDC) meeting held on 10.09.2017 at vadodara, Gujarat (1.85 Mb application-pdf) 14-11-2017
50 Inviting Suggestions for Review of Road Transport Corporation Act 1950 (61.78 Kb application-pdf) 10-10-2017