E.g., 06-03-2021
E.g., 06-03-2021
Circulars / Notifications related to Road Transport
(Notifications include O.M.s, Circulars, Office Orders, Advisories, etc.)
S. No. Subject Date
21 Standard Operating Procedure of Registration of vehicles imported by the Vehicle Mnufacturer or through thier authorized representatives in india (5.46 Mb application-pdf) 01-05-2019
22 lssuance of the driving licences (330.33 Kb application-pdf) 26-03-2019
23 No requirement of an NOC for renewal/ change of address in the Driving Licence, circular dated 28.02.2019 (43.21 Kb application-pdf) 28-02-2019
24 Standard Operating Procedure for acceptance of Transport related documents in electronic form, letter dated 17.12.2018 (3.85 Mb application-pdf) 17-12-2018
25 Advisory regarding Endorsement of CNG/LPG kits through CNG VAHAN SEWA, letter dated 15.11.2018 (283.96 Kb application-pdf) 29-11-2018
26 Development of Bus Ports in States/UTs on BOT/HAM basis, letter dated 13.11.2018 (178.54 Kb application-pdf) 13-11-2018
27 Clarification regarding notification No. G.S.R 368(E) dated 13.04.2018, letter dated 8.11.2018 (208.53 Kb application-pdf) 08-11-2018
28 Fitment of Vehicle Location Tracking Device and Panic Buttons, letter dated 31.10.2018 (765.40 Kb application-pdf) 31-10-2018
29 Development of Bus Ports in States/UTs on BOT /HAM Basis, letter dated 17.10.2018 (178.54 Kb application-pdf) 17-10-2018
30 Compliance of the Honourable Supreme Court order dated 13.08.2018 passed in WP (C) no. 13029 of 1985 M.C. Mehta V/s Union of India at Supreme Court regarding putting up of colour coded stickers on vehicles. (4.75 Mb application-pdf) 01-10-2018